All For Animals TV #68: Bideawee Expands Mission To Include NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Feral cats may not care so much for humans, but they’ve got a friend in Bideawee.

The 116 year old animal welfare organization operates in New York City and Long Island. In October 2019, it assumed management of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which redefined its role, passing the torch on key programs to other established non-profits.

Under Bideawee’s direction, NYCFCI hasn’t missed a beat, conducting TNR (trap-neuter-return) certification workshops as well as classes in socializing feral kittens and building outdoor winter shelters. FCI also lends out humane traps and provides materials to help rescuers with community relations.

Director of Community Cat Education Kathleen O’Malley recently held a winter shelter workshop at My Natural Pet in Bay Ridge, which will also house a bank of traps for local TNR use.

(Please note: The shelters featured in this video are designed for community cats who live outdoors. Family pets should remain indoors for their health, well being and safety.)

Be sure to watch video for a cameo from Hamlet the Alqonquin Cat, who is a Bideawee alum!