In Memoriam


Members of AFA Host Susan Richard’s Real HouseCats of New York, Louie, Cheeks & Titus.  Mommy misses you very much.


BRODY, adopted by Meredyth from New York who writes: I got Brody when I was in college. Though I’ve had dogs my whole life, he was the first one I raised myself. At the time, I felt unequipped to take care of a boisterous little baby, but with some help, Brody grew up to be the happiest, most curious, most adventurous, most loving little man I have ever known.

Brody was my definition of unconditional love. I am quite certain that no one else on the planet will ever be that happy to see me walk through the front door. He was the world’s best cuddler and snuggling with him could cure a multitude of ills. He taught me that I am fiercely protective, and perhaps slightly insane. I’ve always been an animal lover but Brody’s presence in my life took that to a whole new level. I became an advocate for shelter adoption, cruelty prevention, and animal welfare. In honor of him, I am making a donation in his name to one of my favorite organizations, @animalhopeandwellness. Please check out the wonderful work that they do.
Brody made me a better person and though the grief feels stifling, I wouldn’t trade the time I had with him for the world.
Thank you for everything, my beautiful puppy. I love you forever. I will miss you every day.



OLIVER, beloved by Vanessa and Rich of Florida who write: “Oliver. One of the smartest, sweetest souls to ever grace the earth. He knew a LOT of words. Some of his favorites being Blueberry, Car, and String Beans. He also went by countless names, such as Boo Boo, Monkey, Monkeyman, Boliver, Bertin, Dittos, Bertindittos, Tappy Tapps, Curly Pants, Crazyman, Crazyface and Bubbas.”


BUDDY, who was rescued in February, 1999 from the city of Los Angeles Animal Services shelter at 9 weeks old by Howard Seflin. That’s his baby picture on the left.  Howard tells All For Animals he initially noticed another puppy, but when a family with young kids also chose the same dog, he couldn’t say no — and that’s when he spotted Buddy, who turned out to be the best doggie in the whole world!

(L to R) Gene and Daisy’s rescued kitties STINKY and INKY, adopted from Just Strays in Yonkers, NY, and SLINKY, adopted from Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Nicholas and Lucas with SOPHIE, who their dad adopted in 1995 from Just Strays in Westchester County, New York.





At age 14, Sarge was among 30 dogs rescued in a cruelty raid by the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2009. After spending five months in protective custody, he was adopted by Kim Wolf and Thad Stringer, joining their five other rescue dogs in a loving home. Sarge worked as a Certified Therapy Dog with Pals For Life and visited nursing homes and hospitals.  He is the namesake for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society’s “Sarge Fund” which is sponsored in part by the Animal Farm Foundation of Dutchess County, NY.