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“You’re the perfect size & how could I forget about your compelling blue eyes “ – a quote from the poem “ Wunder”

Wunder’s mom Mella Johnson tells All For Animals TV: “It was around 8 pm in April 2019 when someone came into Animal Haven, the non profit animal shelter in Manhattan where I was volunteering at, with a kitten they had found off the streets. But this wasn’t just any random kitten – this was Wunder! She was rescued by the FDNY from inside the wheel of a tire on the Upper East Side. Thank God she was safely removed and taken to the shelter, which decided it would be best to place her in foster care until she was ready for adoption.  I was up for the task but in my heart, I knew as soon as she looked me in the eyes, that she was going to be my little fur ball forever.”

“I officially adopted Wunder on the 27th of June 2019. She is living her best life with me & my family in the South Bronx. When Wunder was a kitten, she would watch my other cats, Maddie & Tiger a lot so when it was time to use the potty or eat, she would know where to go. She was a very intelligent & curious kitten ! She loves her new companions & she’s very helpful with Tiger, who has some health issues. In fact, Wunder is the reason for my healing & happiness.”

Wunder even made the news!  Read the article about her rescue HERE.


Sienna came from a mill out west-still lactating but of course without her puppies. At the time her rescue @anarchy_animal_rescue had puppies without a mom that they were bottle feeding…and the rest is history. Sienna accepted those puppies as her own and nursed them until they were old enough to be adopted-all while being cared for by her amazing #fostermama @16.paws.ny. We then got to be the lucky family to take her home. Sienna’s life started as a mama and although she is no longer mama to puppies, she has served as the “house mother” to dog after dog here. (On top of that, I gained a friend as her foster mom and I have kept in touch a lot over the years.) Many dogs have passed through here-each of them special in their own way, but none sweeter or goofier and more lovable than our girl. — Terri Abplanalp 

Here is Sienna with her best friend Emme, also a puppy mill rescue. Follow her on Instagram @TerriDog:

Abraham Lincoln (formerly Max) was brought into Animal Care Centers of NYC  in late June by the NYPD. He was found tied to a bench in the Bronx reservoir. I was volunteering at the ACC as a dog walker and immediately fell in love with this shy guy. Groomer Emma of The Dog Guy Foundation sheared him down and put him in a crazy cute blue bandanna. Since he had to be sedated for his haircut he didn’t get a bath that day. By chance I saw he founder of the Foundation, Mark The Dog Guy in the health food store later that night and begged him to bathe Abe. Mark promised and delivered! On July 3rd I adopted him and renamed him Abe Lincoln to celebrate July 4 his birthday!!! We’ve been celebrating at the dog parks ever since! Another benefit to adopting Abe—I’ve lost 20 pounds from all the exercise we’ve been getting. —Karen Auerbach

See Abe’s amazing transformation below (click on photo to enlarge)

Cole (formerly Beats)

This gorgeous sweet kitty was adopted by Nidia Ortiz of the Bronx from Animal Care Centers of New York City.

Beats had been was featured in the “3 To See At ACC” post, a weekly pet post written by Host Susan Richard.  Congratulations Nidia and Cole!


Maxi (formerly Louie)

Maxi was adopted by Stan & Mia Kravitz of NYC from Animal Care Centers of New York. 

He and his father were both surrendered to the city shelter due to owners moving/new landlord issues. Papa dog was adopted first and then Stan & Mia met this little cutie and fell in love immediately.  Maxi is named for New York soccer star Maximiliano “Maxi” Moralez. Maxi (the dog) loves to play fetch and carry his toys into his bed before he hits the sack!  So cute.

 P. Gracie (P for Princess) was left tied to a fence in Brooklyn in March of 2015 with horrific dog bites all over her face. But despite her injuries she continued to wag and give kisses and show an amazing love of life and everyone she meets. Gracie is now living the good life with her human mom Tanya and has more than 34,000 followers on Instagram (@iheartpgracie)! Follow this amazing doggie HERE.

(Photos Courtesy: Instagram: @iheartpgracie)

“Scrambles” the kitten (sibling to “Eggs Benedict” – oh, those crazy names they give them at the shelter  – LOL) adopted from Animal Care & Control of NYC by Ellen from the Bronx.  This was Scrambles getting his first check up at Lenox Hill Veterinarians.



(L to R) Katniss the kitten, who was featured in the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet’s 2014 “Puppy Bowl 10”!!  Karen Fensterstock, who served as a kitten wrangler at the taping, fell in love with Katniss and adopted her!



Puffles & Roxie adopted by Jeanette, David & family in River Edge, NJ from Long Island Bulldog Rescue.


Koda, adopted by Allison and Nick from the Newark Animal Shelter, January 2011.



Emmy, adopted by Lyna from Poughkeepsie from Russell Refuge in Rhinebeck, NY.  Emmy’s adoption was inspired by Uggie, the dog from the movie “The Artist”, after Uggie’s person, Omar von Muller, donated the $500 from the auction of a “pawtographed” Uggie poster to Russell Refuge!


Emmy, Oscar, and Tony, adtoped by Gene and Daisy from Friends Of Strays in St.Petersburg, Florida.

Yukon Cornelius, who was rescued by the Animal Farm Foundation of Dutchess County, NY after being seized during a cruelty investigation in Ohio.  Yukon was featured in an episode of All For Animals on busting the myths about pit bulls.  (Click HERE to watch.) He now lives in New Jersey with Jyo, her son and his new kitty brother Pepe.


This is Nina who was adopted as a kitten from Animal Care & Control of New York City in July of 2010 by Rosemary and Ken after she was found abandoned on the streets of Brooklyn.  Nina is named for Rosemary’s niece Jennie Nina, who was with her when this sweet kitty chose the family, by marching right into the cat carrier when they met her in foster care!  Nina is now happily settled into her forever home and loves to cuddle with both her pet parents and her kitty stepbrother JoJo.

Oscar, Mayer and Weenie adopted by the Brace family of Lindenhurst, NY from the Animal Center of Queens.