All For Animals TV #61 – Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp NYC

All For Animals TV checks in with The Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy, at the 2019 Cat Camp NYC, along with other animal rescuer influencers including Ellen M. Carozza @TheCatLVT, Ashley Morrison, @YoungestOldCatLady. Plus, check out Hannah Shaw @KittenXLady and local NYC rescuers from TNR Utopia and Flatbush Cats along with some super cute kitties and cat lovers from around the world!  Cat Camp NYC was made possible in large part thanks to presenting sponsor, the Petco Foundation.

MORE VIDEOS from cat camp coming soon, including in depth interviews with TheCatLVT, Youngest Old Cat Lady, TNR Utopia, Flatbush Cats, Cat Man Chris Poole (human to the famous Cole & Marmalade), the Brodie Fund and Stray Cat Social Club!!