All For Animals #51: ACC Foster Program – Meet Buddy!

AFA host Susan Richard gets the scoop on Animal Care Centers of NYC’s foster care program which helps many of the 30,000 animals that come into the NYC animal shelters get the extra attention they need before being available for adoption.

All For Animals TV followed the story of Buddy who was rescued after being found left in the cold — tied up — outside the Brooklyn location of Animal Care Centers of NYC. Buddy had a wire wrapped tightly around his hind leg just above his ankle and was in so much pain that this sweet puppy gnawed off the remaining part of his own leg! He was rushed into surgery and later received several weeks of care at Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Manhattan.

Watch Buddy’s full journey in the video above.  See photos below!

Learn more about ACC’s amazing foster program which helped to make Buddy’s recovery possible and get info on donating to ACC’s STAR fund at

In these AFA “Extra” videos, Buddy is at Water4Dogs in lower Manhattan where was measured and a fiberglass impression of his leg is being made in preparation for a prosthetic.  He later received physical therapy, while foster care with ACC volunteer Adam Brickner.

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Here, Buddy gets physical therapy:

Here, Buddy is fitted for that prosthetic:

Buddy with foster dad Adam Brickner!
All For Animals TV Host Susan Richard and Buddy!
Buddy gets massage!
Buddy gets physical therapy at Water4Dogs in lower Manhattan.
Buddy does a therapeutic swim with John Larson at Water4Dogs in lower Manhattan.
Adam & Buddy wearing protective glasses while Buddy gets laser therapy for his wound.
Susan Donatsky & Adam Brickner with Buddy
Buddy riding to his new home! (Photo: Susan Donatsky)
Buddy in his new home! (Photo: Susan Donatsky)