The Real Housecats of NY

Here they are!!  Click HERE for video!

Feel free to email photos of YOUR “Real HouseCats” and include your GREAT RESCUE STORY:, and we’ll get them on the site!

Louie the one eyed cutie was surrendered along with his siblings at three months old to Animal Care & Control as part of an NYC Housing Authority “ban” (you’re only allowed one animal per household in public housing and their cat had kittens).  He had a whopper eye infection that did irreparable damage to his left eye which was removed when he was pulled out of the city shelter by Zani’s Furry Friends.  I met him when he was in foster care along with Fanny and Cheeks.  He’s the most lovey-dovey, sweetest, funniest little guy ever.  His remaining eye, unfortunately, doesn’t produce enough tears so he gets a special hydrating ointment daily.   He’s a very special, special needs cat who follows me around like a baby duck!

Fanny is my calico who has thumbs!  She’s polydactyl and more shy than the others but has really come out of her shell since I adopted her along with Louie & Cheeks (see below).  She was brought into Animal Care & Control as a lone stray at one month old!  She, too, was pulled out by Zani’s Furry Friends and bonded with Louie & Cheeks in foster care.  Isn’t she pretty?

This is my big sweet boy Cheeks, given that name because of his big beautiful face.  He is the nicest, most polite cat you will ever want to meet.  He is the official family greeter and everybody who meets him falls in love instantly.  He too, ended up at Animal Care & Control  and quickly became at risk for euthanasia when he developed an upper respiratory infection.  All it took was some antibiotics and a safe foster home thanks to Zani’s Furry Friends, and he was ready to be adopted!

This is Sydney who was dumped along with five other cats at a shelter in Hudson, New York and then became seriously ill due to an inappropriate combination of vaccinations and medication on the part of a well meaning but uninformed caretaker.  Special thanks to the expert team at Lenox Hill Veterinarians for helping her recover.  She is a sweet playful cutie pie and official Real Housecat of NY!