All For Animals #29 – Meet Matilda III, The New Algonquin Cat!

“All For Animals” host Susan Richard checks out the grand debut of Matilda III, the new “Algonquin Cat”. Meet this purebred “Ragdoll”, who was left abandoned at the North Shore Animal League and is now living the good life as the mascot for this legendary Manhattan hotel. Learn the history of the Algonquin Cat, and check out Matilda’s debutante bash, which featured adoptables from North Shore, show cats from the Westchester Cat Show, and a special appearance by Grammy Award winning singer Mya!

August, 2017 Update:  Meet the new Algonquin Cat, Hamlet, HERE.

October, 21, 2017 Update:  It is with a heavy heart that All For Animals learns that Matilda III has passed. She was a rescue, having been left abandoned in a box outside the North Shore Animal League. Matilda joined the hotel in August of 2011 and served as the Algonquin’s feline ambassador (a tradition dating back to the late 1920s) until this year, when she retired to a wonderful home. Matilda, who was around 12 years old, had developed kidney disease, and her caretaker wrote on FB that it appeared she had a stroke, from which she did not recover.  Matilda was loved by so many and was a part of New York City history.  Rest in peace sweet girl.

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